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Simulation Modules of Mechanical Ventilation


Positive pressure mechanical ventilation is a life-saving procedure commonly performed to patients with respiratory failure in intensive care units. Proficiency in administering the procedure, and monitoring patients receiving mechanical ventilation is an essential skill in modern ICU practice.

This model simulates an interaction between a patient and a ventilator. Different modes of mechanical ventilation are presented. Many real-life clinical scenarios can be simulated by changing the properties of the lungs, and the parameters of the ventilator. The goal is to give the clinician a better understanding of respiratory mechanics, and mechanical ventilation.


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Available Modules

Volume-Controlled Ventilation (VC)
Pressure-Controlled Ventilation (PC)
Pressure-Regulated Volume-Controlled Ventilation (PRVC)
Pressure-Support Ventilation (PS/CPAP)
Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV)
Volume Control with Dynamic Lung Compliance

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